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GMI Technology Deploys KM & e-Learning Platform to Integrate Operations Applications and Improve Company Eff

GMI Technology is MIS Department has implemented and deployed a Knowledge Management (KM) & e-Learning platform to integrate operations applications and improve company efficiency internally. This KM & e-Learning platform will enable G.M.I to strengthen its corporate culture and improve information flow internally.

Through this system, employees will be able to take advantage of knowledge sharing, searching, and management to more effectively translate corporate knowledge into corporate wealth. GMI Technology has also incorporated Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) training documentation into the system for companywide access. Staff members can use this platform to learn and discuss company procedures such as SOP and ERP online as well as suggest improvements and revisions ??this online communication platform ensures faster response times and shorter cycles for company initiatives. In addition, field personnel working in GMI Technology service centers throughout Greater China now have real-time access to the most up-to-date info through features such as file management systems, project management forums, and technology discussion boards.

"Our new KM & e-Learning platform enables employees to search and exchange business critical documents and information using the most modern file management and business communication technologies," said Timothy Chang, Director of the MIS Department at GMI Technology "In addition, employees can use this platform to create information study groups, post articles and announcements, and discuss company policies or new technologies. Newcomers can also utilize this platform to quickly familiarize themselves with company policies and processes by providing all of the company resources online. The result is shorter learning curves and faster improvements in company performance."