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GMI Technology Partners with Jeilin to Develop Digital Photo Frame Solution

To prepare for the rapidly expanding digital imaging market, GMI Technology is working with Jeilin Technology ( to develop solutions for Digital Photo Frames. These finished modules have already reached mass production.

Jeilin's JL4200B chip incorporates a full set of features including memory card interface, USB interface, JPEG Decoder and Audio/Video DAC. This chip is intended for applications such as Digital Photo Frames, Photo Banks, Photo Viewers, and USB Card Readers that support external LCD TV connectivity.

Using this high-performance solution, GMI Technology has developed a total solution for Digital Photo Frame. This solution makes use of Jeilin's IC, Etron's DRAM, and Toshiba's HDD or flash memory in order to handle signal processing for photos and animations. GMI Technology offers customers software and firmware design ??turn-key solutions for Digital Photo Frames. These include small-to-medium sized panels from Realtek and Myson-Century and high-quality CPT display panels.

"Digital Photo Frames received warm welcomes at both the CE & CeBit exhibitions this year," said Hermes Chang, Director of the Consumer Electronics Division in Taiwan. "With dropping panel prices and the shipment of one million panels by the world's largest panel manufacturer, Philips, we have high confidence that we will see at least double this volume of panel shipments by the end of 2006. To take advantage of this market trend, GMI Technology is partnering with Jeilin and other partners in order to tap into this high-growth market."