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Toshiba Announces Largest Capacity Automotive-Grade Hard Drive in the World

The MQ01AAD032C 320GB HDD broadens Toshiba’s industry-leading automotive drive portfolio

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Storage Products Business Unit of Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., announces the world’s largest capacity automotive-grade hard disk drive (HDD), the Toshiba MQ01AAD032C 320GB1 SATA automotive HDD. As part of the Toshiba MQ01AADxxxC series, the MQ01AAD032C drive addresses the auto industry demand for higher capacity HDDs, which allows for improved in-vehicle user experience, as well as facilitates a growing range of on-board technological applications and functions.

As the industry’s highest capacity single platter automotive-grade HDD, the MQ01AAD032C addresses the needs of telematic infotainment applications where proven reliability, performance and capacity are required. Each drive is optimized to handle temperature variations of -22º to +185ºF while in operation and handle -40º to +203ºF during non-operating. With aerodynamic technology in the magnetic head slider, the drive series can withstand altitudes up to 18,536 feet (higher than any city in the world) while in operation, and withstands up to 3G (29.4m/s²) vibration tolerance2 during operation.

Toshiba, the leader in the automotive-grade HDD industry, works in partnership with premier automotive manufacturers to provide best-in-class storage devices that can withstand severe road conditions, the growing quantities of data embedded in a vehicle’s system, and users’ demands for constant connectivity to stream high-definition movies and update their navigation systems simultaneously.

“Consumers demand excellence in their technology, and in-vehicle computing systems are not different,” said Joel Hagberg, vice president marketing, Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit. “We continue to partner with the automotive industry to develop the most innovative and effective storage solutions possible to meet the needs of the automotive customer.”

With 320GB1 of storage, the drive’s 4,200 rpm speed offers high internal transfer rates of up to 976 Mbit/s using an average seek time of 12 ms. The drive also offers silent seek operation and uses the minimum amount of power without compromising performance.

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Model Number MQ01AAD032C
Maximum Capacity 
(Formatted) 1
Number of Platters 1
Number of Heads 2
Average Seek Time 12 m
Interface ATA8/Serial ATA 2.6
Interface Transfer Rate 3 Gbit/s
Rotational Speed 4,200 rpm
External Dimensions 
(WxDxH; mm)
69.85 mm x 100.0 mm x 9.5 mm
Weight (g) 105 g
-30 – +85ºC 
-40 – +95ºC
Shock resistance: 
2,940m/s2 {300G} (2.0ms, 1/2sine) 
7,840/s2 {800G} (1.0ms, 1/2sine)
Atmosphere Pressure: 
-300 to 5,650m 
-300 to 12,000m
29.4m/s² {3G} (8-50Hz) 
49m/s² {5G} (10-500Hz)