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2009-07-16 GMI Technology Announce China Netbook Design Wins
2009-07-06 GMI Technology Wins ESM-C Award for Best Supply Capability
2009-06-15 Toshiba Develops a New High-k/Ge Gate Stack Technology for LSIs at 16 Nanometers (nm) Node and Beyond
2009-06-12 GMI Technology Announces Numerous DVR Chipset Design Wins at European Brands
2009-06-02 GMI Technology Announces Numerous Hard Disk Drive Notebook Design Wins in China
2009-06-01 New, Flexible Low-Power, Low-Leakage Quad RS-422 Transmitters from Intersil Deliver Maximum ESD Protection in Industry’s Smallest Packages
2009-05-25 GMI Technology Enters Wi-Fi Module Market
2009-05-20 Hitachi GST to Acquire Substrate Manufacturing Facility from Western Digital
2009-05-13 Intersil Debuts Space-Saving Digital Power Management IC Featuring Zilker Labs’ Patented Digital-DC™ Technology
2009-05-05 GMI Technology Announces 1st Quarter 2009 Financial Results
2009-04-30 Toshiba and Fujitsu Conclude Definitive Agreement on HDD Business Transfer
2009-04-30 GMI Technology Enters Netbook Market
2009-04-28 GMI Technology Announces 4th Quarter and Full Year 2008 Financial Results
2009-04-28 Realtek to Demonstrate DASH Implementation at Microsoft Management Summit 2009
2009-04-27 Toshiba to Launch World's First 32nm Process NAND Flash Memory
2009-04-21 TPO SRP-MIP Technology enables High PPI (211ppi) display at Low Power Consumption (1mW) as First in the world
2009-04-01 Intersil’s Compact New Single Pole/Triple Throw Switches are Industry’s Top Solution for Eliminating Handheld Device Connector Congestion i
2009-03-09 GMI Technology Starts Shipments of OTi USB Data Bridge and Flash Disk Controller
2009-02-23 Anpec has been Honored as the Excellent Exporters/Importers of 2007, which is Awareded by the Bureau of Foreign Trade of Ministry of Econo
2009-02-20 GMI Technology Triples DVR Chipset Shipments in Q4 2008