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2013-11-05 GMI Technology Partners With NXP
2013-10-31 Toshiba Launches New Embedded NAND Flash Memory Modules
2013-10-23 The first 512K Serial Flash product launched
2013-10-14 GMI Issues Stock Dividend
2013-09-18 GMI Heat Sink Product Shipments Exceed Five Million
2013-09-10 Intersil's Versatile Full Synchronous Buck Regulator Features Wide 3V to 36V Input Range and Internal Compensation
2013-08-27 GMI Announces Record Revenue For 2nd Quarter
2013-08-27 2013 2nd Quarter Financial Results
2013-08-26 AUO Showcases Next-generation UHD 4K Wide Color Gamut TV Panels
2013-08-20 Toshiba Launches 7,278rpm 2.5-inch HDD Series with 7mm Height
2013-08-01 Toshiba to Support Developers of Apps and Services for "FlashAir™" with "FlashAir Developers" Website
2013-07-18 AUO CSR Report 2012 Receives Highest A+ Rating for Six Consecutive Years
2013-07-16 GMI Announces GW Electronics Six Month Results
2013-07-08 Intersil's New Precision 40V 19MHz Quad Rail-to-Rail Op Amp Features Low Power, Exceptional Radiation Hardness and Electrical Performance
2013-07-02 Realtek Announces Low Power Consumption USB Ethernet Controller Solutions
2013-06-27 GMI Technology Partners With STK
2013-06-27 Gemalto wins "Best LTE Security Product" Award
2013-06-26 Toshiba Announces Largest Capacity Automotive-Grade Hard Drive in the World
2013-06-12 GMI Technology Enters Security Chipset Market
2013-05-21 Toshiba to Start Mass Production of Next Generation NAND Flash Memory